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PHP  Training Course

Learn PHP from beginning. Our course is planned by industry specialists. You will get 100% practical clarification in our live classes. You will get numerous tasks and projects associated with every subject of this training program. Learn the important aspects of PHP like you will learn to create a (CMS) Content Management System like WordPress, you will learn how to use Databases. you will learn how to launch your application online, you will learn to use composer, you will learn to debug, you will learn to create pagination, you will learn about PHP security and many more things. Become an expert of all the things present in PHP. Once the completion of this training you will also get Paathfind certification. This course will help you to land in your dream job and Online Php training course in Jaipur helps you in get work from home.

Online PHP  Training Course In Jaipur

Web Development courses are available in both online and offline mode with certification and job assistance. However, at the time of this covid-19 pandemic online courses are a much secure option for the applicant. Our institutes provide online Web Development Course in Jaipur that can help the applicant to upskill themselves, and improve their job possibility.

PHP  Training Course have online classes are available at different levels such as beginners, intermediate and advanced.

As a result ,After the completion of the courses the candidates can apply in different programs in top companies. Because  that are related to the IT sector. Apart from IT sector the candidates also can be occupy in other segments because every company needs to maintain their websites. The different web development jobs are web developer, UI designer, web manager and many more.


Our training is divided into two format  Basic and Advanced

Mode of Training  Online Live Classes

Certificate In PHP Training Course

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What Will You Learn?

  • Every aspect of PHP
  • You will learn to create pagination
  • You will learn about PHP security
  • You will learn to create a (CMS) Content Management System like WordPress
  • You will learn how to use Databases
  • You will learn how to launch your application online
  • You will learn to use composer
  • You will learn to debug
  • Learn important keyboard shortcuts and best practices to learn PHP
  • Start learning PHP in a new way, from anywhere

About the instructor


Course Curriculum


  • Course Overview
  • Local Development Environment Tools
  • Course Exercise / Reference Files
  • Download and Install Development Editor
  • Embedding PHP in HTML
  • Using Dynamic Data
  • Inserting Comments in PHP

Data Types and More

  • Variables in PHP
  • Math
  • Arrays
  • Associative Arrays

Control Structures

  • If Statements
  • Comparison and Logical Operators
  • Switch Statements in PHP
  • While Loop in PHP
  • For Loop in PHP
  • Foreach Loop in PHP

PHP Built-in Functions

  • Math Functions
  • String Functions
  • Array Functions

How to use Form Data in PHP

  • Checking for Form Submission
  • Extracting Information from form
  • Validating The Form Values
  • External Page Submission

How to use Databases in PHP

  • Introduction to Databases
  • Introduction to PHP myadmin
  • Creating a Database in PHP myadmin
  • Creating Tables and Inserting Data in PHP myadmin
  • Markup for Login Page
  • Receiving Post Data from Check
  • Connecting to the Database using PHP
  • Creating Records into the database table with PHP
  • Reading Information in the Database with PHP
  • Fixing Name Attribute Value
  • Refactoring The Update Query into a Function
  • Delete Records from Database with PHP
  • Refactoring all Database Query Code into Functions
  • Making All Files Modular and Refactoring

Custom Functions

  • Defining functions
  • Function Parameters
  • Return Values from Functions
  • Global Variable and Scope
  • Constants

PHP and the Web

  • Introduction to HTTP Requests and more
  • Using The GET super Global
  • Using the Post Super Global
  • About Cookies in PHP
  • Setting Cookies with PHP
  • Reading Cookies in PHP
  • How use Sessions in PHP

Object Oriented PHP Introduction

  • What are classes and objects? Introduction
  • What are classes and how to define them in PHP
  • What are class methods and how to create them?
  • How to instantiate a class
  • Adding Properties to Our Class
  • Class inheritance
  • Constructors
  • Data Access
  • Static Data in Classes


  • Create a (CMS) Content Management System like WordPress
  • Launch your application online
  • Create pagination
  • Add, delete, modify data in your database
  • Generate dynamic page content
  • Send and receive cookies
  • Create CMS Systems
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