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One of the most widespread 3D modeling software for manufacturers is Rhinoceros 3D, also known as Rhino. Constructed on NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational Basis Splines) geometry, this surface modeling software is typically used for architecture, prototyping, engineering, jewellery and industrial, graphic design etc. Its latest version, Rhino 6, has been designed to eliminate obstacles that can get to you when using the program. 

Rhino 3D Course  is Jewelry Design Course which includes Rhinoceros 3D is a CAD software with a collection of dense 3D modeling tools, which allow you to form unimaginable shapes with great accuracy and detail, whether from a drawing, a sketch or even a 3D scan. The software is compatible with most design, drafting, CAM, prototyping, rendering and illustration programs. It is grounded on free modeling using NURBS. Rhino 6 permits you to work from curves or mathematical formulas able to exactly describe a 3D shape.

Jewelry Designing Courses includes Designing with Rhino 3D, a beginner’s level training course, shelters the fundamentals of 3D modeling, one of the most powerful 3D modeling software on the market. Irrespective of your experience with Rhino, students will learn various tools for quickly generating three dimensional creations and will even have the ability to learn more advanced levels of modeling in just a matter of hours.

Producing and conveying designs require high-quality models that can make the designer and client understand them. It provides a solution from the working stage to the presentation and analysis stage. The software provides a solid foundation and direction for the application of the project since it gives an intense level of understanding of the model and its nuances. Paathfind Computer Classes is fulfill all requirement of Rhino 3D course in jaipur.

Our training is divided into two formats => Basic and Advanced

Mode of Training => Online Live Classes

Certificate In Rhino 3D Course

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn essentials of 3D modeling with Rhino 3D
  • You will learn to become expert in 3D surfacing, prototyping and rendering with this course
  • You`ll be able to make your very own products ranging from jewellery to furniture design to crafting your own aircraft.

About the instructor


Course Curriculum


  • Preview
  • Introduction
  • What is Rhino 3D
  • Why it matters

Becoming Familiar with Rhinoceros

  • Menu Tab Formation
  • Side Bars and Panels
  • Viewports
  • Object snaps
  • PDF and Print
  • Installation & Interface
  • Rhino v6 for Windows vs Mac
  • Drawing PolyLines
  • Selection & Zoom Controls

Lightning Round

  • 3D Modelling Abstract Sculpture

2D Lines to 3D Objects

  • Precision 2D Drafting
  • Critical Commands like Move, Copy, Scale & Rotate
  • Extruding 3D Lines & Curves

Lightning Round

  • 3D Modeling a Vase

Surface Editing & Working with Layers

  • Surface Editing Commands
  • Layers & Groups
  • Additional Notes on Surfacing

Critical Commands

  • Join, Explode, Trim and Split
  • Lines, Curves, Surfaces and Polysurfaces
  • Patch, Loft, Extrude and Make Hole
  • Offset and Hatch
  • Distance, Length, Dim Measurements, Group and Ungroup
  • Array, Tween and Sweep
  • Mirror, Dup Border and Close Curve

Course Summary

  • Summary & Bonuses
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