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Master Adobe XD CC 2020 and 2021 from scratch. Our course is planned by industry specialists. You will get 100% practical clarification in our live classes. You will get numerous tasks and projects associated with every subject of this training program. Choosing the course that’s right for you

Learn the important aspects of Adobe XD like working with Components & States, Stacks and Padding, Repeat Grid, 3D Transforms, Shareable Libraries, Responsive Resize, Plugins, Auto-Animate, Anchor links, Triggers and inputs, Voice prototyping and many more. Become an expert of all the tools present in adobe illustrator. 

In other words ADOBE XD COURSES  are Short, skill-specific online courses are one of the most popular forms of upskilling. These are best for you if you have limited time or money to invest or simply have a specific skill you want to learn.

However, Most of these courses tend to be incredibly affordable and often have self-paced modules that make it easy for you to fold learning into a busy lifestyle. Here are a few of the best skill-specific course providers.

As A result you are ready to  clear Adobe XD Certification exam. After that Once the completion of this training you will also get Paathfind certification. This course will help you to land in your dream job.

In Conclusion ADOBE XD COURSES  are advanced graphic design courses which held by Paathfind Institute. The Course is similarly important for graphic designing students who make their career in user interface design course.

Our training is divided into two format  Basic and Advanced

Mode of Training  Online Live Classes

Certificate In Adobe XD Course

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What Will You Learn?

  • Every aspect of Adobe XD
  • To design and prototype mobile app
  • To make seamless website design templates
  • Detailed Specs for Designing an iPhone (IOS) App Step by Step
  • Learn important keyboard shortcuts and best practices.
  • Start Adobe XD in a new way, you can use it from anywhere.

About the instructor


Course Curriculum


  • What is Adobe XD?
  • Why learn Adobe XD?
  • What is scope and uses of Adobe XD?
  • How to get an Adobe Certification?
  • Software Installation

Introduction to Adobe XD

  • Welcome Screen- Adobe XD Interface
  • Introduction to Adobe XD Interface
  • Properties Panel – Adobe XD Interface
  • Mac and Windows differences in Adobe XD versions
  • Create simple Design about yourself
  • Updates and Upcoming features in XD

Details of Adobe XD in detail

  • Artboards and Grids in Adobe XD
  • 8 tools in XD
  • Using Rectangle Tool
  • Ellipse Tool and how to use it for quick clipping
  • Background Blur and Object Blur
  • Basics of Pen Tool
  • Creating Icons with Pen Tool
  • Line Tool
  • Polygon Tool – UPDATE
  • Text Tool
  • Using Colors and generating Palettes
  • Creating Gradients in XD
  • Reusable Components in Adobe XD
  • Using Linked Assets and Design System
  • Using Horizontal and Vertical Stack in Adobe XD
  • Plugins and App Integrations in Adobe XD
  • Generating Color Scheme
  • Custom Masks in Adobe XD
  • Guides in Adobe XD
  • Character Styles in XD
  • Common Keyboard shortcuts in Adobe XD
  • More Keyboard Shortcuts

All about Paper and Interactive Prototype

  • What is Block-Level Design?
  • Sketching your first Design Idea using Block design technique
  • Adding details to your drawn Block Sketch
  • What are Vertical, Horizontal, t and Local prototype?
  • Static and Interactive Prototypes → What is low, medium and high-fidelity design
  • Adding Details to block design using Adobe XD
  • Using UI Kits and Pattern libraries to speed up your design workflow

Prototyping in Adobe XD- Creating, Sharing and using Design Inspect

  • Fixing Tap Targets and tap boundary area in your designs
  • Prototyping Login and Signup Screens
  • Prototyping Dashboard, Activities and Sync Screens
  • Sharing your Prototype with others in Adobe XD
  • Using Design Inspect in Adobe XD with me
  • Auto Animate in Prototyping
  • Creating Animated Loaders using Auto Animate
  • Drag in Prototype
  • Voice controlled Prototype in Adobe XD
  • Designing real world Mobile App Screens in Adobe XD
  • Preparing for Design → Downloading Assets and Recourses
  • Getting Colour Scheme Ideas and Inspirations
  • Solving UX (User Experience) problems
  • Design Welcome Screen
  • Designing the Login Screen
  • Designing the active Login Screens
  • Designing the Signup Screen
  • Designing the Dashboard
  • Designing the Hamburger Sidebar menu screen
  • Designing Activities Screen
  • Designing Sync to Cloud Screen
  • Designing Sync Status Screen
  • Using grids to fine-tune your App Screen
  • Refining your Style Guide in XD

Export your Artboards and assets 1X, 2X and 3X Sizes

  • Why we need to export in 1X, 2X and 3X sizes?
  • Perfect Example to understand 1X 2X 3X concept
  • Export Artboards and create Device Mock-ups in Adobe Photoshop
  • Batch export all your designs assets from your App
  • Using Photoshop Mock-up Files with XD

What’s new in Adobe XD

  • Fixed elements and Overlays Adobe XD
  • Better control for image fills and Design using math calculations
  • Time Trigger in Prototyping
  • Responsive Sizing in XD
  • Audio Playback in Adobe XD
  • Scroll to in Adobe XD


  • Mobile App templates
  • Website design templates
  • Prototypes in Adobe XD
  • Make your Adobe XD Plugin
  • Create Icons
  • Sharing Prototypes and Files
  • Responsive Web Designs
  • UI/ UX Design in Adobe XD
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