Affiliate Marketing In 2021: What It Is & How Beginners Can Start


In today’s business-centric world, you might have heard a lot about making money online by referring people to popular companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, and so on. Many people wonder how it is possible to make passive incomes in this competitive World. Yeah! Surely you can earn money through a stable marketing system easily. Affiliate marketing is one such marketing strategy that can give hands to the individuals who are interested to earn money with some efficient knowledge.

Affiliate marketing is one of the effective ways for merchants to handle online advertising. In addition to this, the affiliates will yield more benefits from it. Get hold of the Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2021 to learn the best techniques and lead the business competitors.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting one’s product. In affiliate marketing, the affiliates search for the best products to affiliate, promote the product and earn money for the sale of respective products.

Here the question arises, how you come to know about the sale that is made in the company. Merely, the sales are tracked through wealthy affiliate links from one website to another.

Affiliate Marketing in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process of marketing a product or service with the help of digital technologies and electronic media via the internet. Digital marketing has a great impact on marketing business as it eases the work of both sellers and customers. Affiliate marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies that are widely adopted to promote business online.

Layman’s Term of Affiliate Marketing

Layman’s term states that affiliate marketing is promoting products or service of an organization in order to earn a commission whenever a sale is generated. Generally, the product or service is sold to the target audiences or followers of the affiliates’ who have blogs online.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing

Some of the amazing examples are :

  • Product Name: Football Snack Helmets
    • Type: Informational/Review of the Product
    • Affiliate Program: Amazon Associates
  •  NerdWalle
    • Product or Service Name: Insurance, Credit Cards
    • Type: Review, Comparison, Blog Posts
    • Affiliate Program: Partnership with different financial services
  • Wire Cutter
    • Product: Electronics, Gadgets
    • Type: Reviews
    • Affiliate Programs: Brian Lam (Wire Cutter)

Pros of Affiliate Marketing

Best Way to Make Passive Income

Affiliate marketing is one of the best marketing strategies in which you don’t want to make the product, make an investment or any other matters. The simple thing that you have to do is promoting the product which you like more.

Even, you can handle the affiliate marketing on the background while carrying out the full-time job. The essential knowledge in SEO, engaging the audience and good contents give hands to reap the passive income.

Low Investment Costs

It can be started with less investment and operating expenses are very low when compared to other business. The affiliates will be working from home online which consumes less electricity and other minor costs.

No Need for Marketing Experience

In order to start this, you don’t need any marketing experience. The fundamental techniques of SEO and writing knowledge are enough to become an affiliate.

Offers More Convenience

The affiliates can create several campaigns on various affiliate websites and landing pages to promote your affiliate links. This enables you to optimize successful products and reject the worse ones.

Can Do It In Leisure Time

Affiliate marketing requires an only limited amount of time and money to start earning money online. Just you have to create the website, obtaining the affiliate programs and creating content with the affiliate links.

Can Have More Focus in Earning

Being an affiliate you don’t want to retain customers or manage the customer related issues. You can live independent, put effort for promoting the product or service, employ techniques to earn a commission, send the requests to the company’s customer service team.

Cons of Affiliate Marketing

More Competitors

Since affiliate online marketing is a cost-effective way to make money there is huge competition in today’s business market. The rate of affiliates is getting increased day-by-day for its simple working process.

Scams and Fake Affiliate Programs

The affiliate marketers especially the beginners should be aware of the fraudulent and scams affiliate programs.

No Control Over the Product or Service

The affiliates should capable of promoting the product or service. However, you cannot take control of that product or service that you are affiliating.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays, affiliate internet marketing is considered as the main source of advertising and revenues. As there are different types of affiliate marketing you have to opt out the best one that suits your business. The common type of affiliate marketing is

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the most famous type of affiliate marketing which is suitable for affiliates who have a small website to earn money. in PPC, whenever a visitor clicks the ads they are redirected to the merchants’ website and the affiliate will get paid even the visitor doesn’t purchase anything from them. However, there is only a small profit in Pay Per Click affiliate marketing.

Pay Per Performance (PPP)

Pay Per Performance (PPP) is more popular among the advertisers as it benefits them more. The merchant will be paying for the referrals when it is transformed into action. This type of affiliate marketing is more beneficial for affiliates who are dedicated to providing better performance. The commission for PPP ranges from 15% to 20% of the actual sale. Pay Per Performance is further classified into two types :

i)    Pay Per Sale (PPS)

In PPS the merchant tends to pay a specific amount of fee whenever the visitor referred by the affiliate purchase something from the merchant’s site. As an affiliate, you can get the commission even when you obtain the fixed pay. It is found that the PPS fee is higher than PPC marketing.

ii)    Pay Per Lead (PPL)

Pay Per Lead (PPL) is somewhat different from Pay Per Sales. This type of affiliate marketing is often used by insurance and finance companies and other companies who want more lead for the development purpose.

What are the things required to become Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate Product or Service

In order to start this, you should have the right product or service that is to be promoted. So, you have to search for the reputed companies that offer effective product or service to the customers.

Then make contact with the advertisers to join in their affiliate program. The product or service that you tend to choose should have the following aspects.

1.    Product Should Meet Customer Expectation

The product that you choose for affiliating must have good value in the midst of people. There are huge numbers of scam products that mainly focus on earning money but it couldn’t meet the customer expectation. So, the product that you are selecting must be able to satisfy customer requirements.

2.    Product Should Bring Commission

You should choose the product that can bring you more income after the sale is generated. It is better to have recurring commission products to gain more income. You can also promote the single commission product when they have the best response among the customers.

3.    Products That You Like

You might have used several products in your regular routines and have gained an amazing experience from it. If you think that the respective products should be used by others to experience its benefits you can promote that product.

So you can share your own experience with the product and how it has helped you in your need.

4.    Products With High-Commission Rate

You should go with the products or companies that can give you higher commission rates to affiliating their brand. Choosing the products that come with a high commission rate is very essential to increase your passive income.

5.    Products With More Demand

While selecting the right product for affiliating you should give more importance to analyze the demand for it. Some products may acquire greater value when it is introduced in the market and may lose its scope after certain days. You should avoid such products and select the product that can stay in demand forever.

6.    Products that are affiliated already

You should prefer the products that are making money for other affiliates already. This is the best choice for beginners to make better decisions and learn more from other affiliates. 

Good Guidance and Training

The affiliates must have certain skills and experience to excel in affiliate marketing. In order to become a successful affiliate, you should be able to work as a copywriter, web designer, Google advertiser, Facebook advertiser, and an email marketer.

Likewise, there are a plethora of skills that you should learn for becoming an affiliate marketer. However, you can learn these things with the proper affiliate marketing guidance and training.

Blogging Website

In affiliate marketing, you will be promoting the products with reviews, comparison, articles which require a blogging website to portray your content and gain visitors. The affiliates with the blogging website improve the trust thus resulting in more audiences.

Email Marketing Autoresponders

Email marketing is a powerful portion of affiliate marketing. The earnings of affiliate marketing are based on the size of the email list. Larger the size of engaged subscriber email list there are more chances to convert them into affiliate sales.

How to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

How to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing - Paathfind

When you are decided to start affiliate marketing as your part of the business you must have the following factors.

Perfect Mindset

First of all, you should get a clear knowledge of it. You must understand that affiliate marketing is different from other traditional business that yields immediate results.

It is based on relationship building in which you have to grab the attention of the customers with your recommendations. It takes some time to build trust and create value for the promotion of a product. Hence, you should be more patient and start affiliating with the right mindset to reap its complete benefits.

Choose Your Plan

While before visiting the affiliate company, you should have decided the right type of marketing plan that you want to have. You can choose either a free plan or one that comes with the monthly payment.

The individual affiliates who acquire the premium membership can able to get more support, a number of websites and a stronger connection to the affiliate marketing company. When you claim the free plan you can get support for the first week and tools to create the website. So you can start affiliating the products on your own.

Create Your Website

When you sign up with the affiliate companies they offer certain website creation tool to create the best one to start affiliating. The website must be created in such a way to grab the attention of the customers. So, it is better to create a personalized website to change the design quality whenever required.

Select the Affiliate Programs

After the completion of website creation, you have to pick the right affiliate programs that you are planned to advertise on your site. As there are millions of products and service available it will create a mess to find the desired one. So, take time to decide the best products and service that you have more interest to do affiliate.

Writing Content

Content writing is one of the prominent steps in the process of affiliate marketing. You must write more and more contents to fulfill your website to improve its visibility. The content must be informative and unique to make the visitors reach again.

Start Gathering Audiences

You can start building the audience through your contents that are published on the website. If the content is understandable and interesting it will make them visit again. The interested audiences not only improve web traffic but also bring more sales. You can collect more audience to promote the affiliate by the following factors:

  • Promote your content with the help of social media
  • Do guest posting on high traffic blogs
  • Take measures for email marketing
  • Make use of SEO strategies to boost up the web traffic
  • Make investments in paid advertising
  • Advertise the Affiliate Offers

With the successful completion of the above-said process, you have to get ready for advertising the affiliate offers.

Now, you have to involve in the promotion process that portrays your products to the customers. There are several ways to promote your affiliating products and they are:

  • Should create honest reviews about the product or service
  • Create the banner ads on your site to promote the affiliate offers
  • Build the in-text links with other content on your site
  • Promoting discounts and giveaway deals of the respective products

These are the best ways to get started with affiliate marketing and making money online.

How does Affiliate Marketing Works?

Generally, affiliate marketing works based on revenue sharing and incentive programs. The main work of affiliate marketing is to build a connection with the brand, product, service or company and promoting these services to the public via online.

Affiliate marketing is similar to traditional marketing methods such as television and printed ads. The only thing that differs from other marketing technique is that it uses the internet as the platform to promote the products.

The advertisers will be sharing the profit of the sales that are made with contributors as commission. There are three different parties involved in this process:

Manufacturer and Merchant

The merchant or seller of the product might be an entrepreneur or huge organization. In affiliate marketing, the seller doesn’t want to involve promoting the products. In some cases, the advertiser can itself get profit from the revenue that is associated with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate of Advertiser

The advertisers are also referred to as the publisher who can be either an individual or organization that sells the products to the potential customers. The major work of the affiliate is to promote the benefits for the customers and convince them to purchase it. When customer purchases that specific product affiliate can receive the commission from the revenue made.

The consumer

The affiliate marketers share the products with the target audience on social media, blogs, and websites. The consumer doesn’t know about the process involved in affiliate marketing. Merely, they purchase and receive the product in a normal way. However, the consumer plays a prominent role in it.

Effective Affiliate Marketing Tools


WordPress is a perfect platform for most of the bloggers and affiliate marketers. Since affiliate marketing is a trickier task the content must be posted on the scalable platform that has the best features and ability to increase the traffic.

In such a case, WordPress act as a powerful platform where you can add a suitable plug-in to start your work independent of technical work.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is nothing but a Google AdWords tool that provides the volume of the keywords. It is considered as the perfect tool for affiliates even if there are no AdWords campaigns.

It also gives you keyword suggestion and groups them to introduce them as Ad groups. It enables the users to enter the competitor domain name and acquire the list of keywords that are relevant to the niche.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is one of the best affiliate marketing tools for affiliates who want to build niche websites. It can give you the right ranking for the specific keywords that are included in the content. The rank value is assigned to each keyword that is found in the affiliate site. The real AdWords data gives more value and integrity to the keyword research process.


Everflow is one among the popular affiliate marketing tools that help you with real-time affiliate analytics. The Everflow have special features like fraud protection across clicks, conversions and post-conversion activities.

Thirsty Affiliates

With the Thirsty Affiliates, bloggers list themselves and earn money online from it. And so it is beneficial for the marketers to get more active affiliates in this tool. This tool is capable of fixing the broken front end links and providing a different destination for international clicks.

How to generate more traffic in affiliate marketing?

Many affiliates fail to give importance to generating more web traffic to the websites. So, you must understand the major role of traffic generation in affiliate marketing and take the right measures to boost them. Here are the best tips or tricks to increase the traffic in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Process - Paathfind

Research Your Audience

First of all, you have to search for your target audience for promoting the product. Otherwise, you will be reaching the general visitors who are not interested in your products. This may result in a waste of time and efforts in affiliate marketing.

So, identify the necessity of subscribers and visitors to the website and do in accordance with it. You must have known about the ideal customers and their characteristics to do affiliate marketing in the right manner.

Make the Audiences to visit again

You should keep on employing various marketing strategies to survive in the midst of competitors. The best idea to increase website traffic is making the audiences to visit your page often. In order to achieve this, you should include interesting contents.

Visitors should be more interested to know the information that is posted on your website. For instance, you can post content such as health and fitness information, sports, scientific facts, and interactive social information. This makes the audiences to visit the website to know the latest updates.

Guest Posts on Blogs

The guest posts have the greater ability to drive more traffic to your affiliate site. Also, it helps you to build the target audience for promoting products and service. You have to do guest posting on the site which has a similar audience. And you can include links within your content to increase its visibility to result in more traffic.

Gain Traffic With Social Media

Making use of social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest is the modern way of generating traffic. As these traffics are obtained from top brand and companies you can utilize them in the affiliate links.

Optimization of Links

Every affiliate knows the importance of links in the marketing business. Such a link must be optimized to boost the efficiency of it. In link optimization, you can shorten the links to make them easy to remember and share on social media platforms.

Can you earn more profit as an affiliate marketer?

Can you earn more profit as an affiliate marketer? This is one of the common questions that arise in mind of every affiliate beginners. If affiliates get the right product brand can earn big bucks as an affiliate marketer. It is no surprise that an energetic affiliate can earn more than $1,000,000 per year in affiliate marketing.

When you identify the product that can bring you more revenue and promote them as per the affiliate marketing strategy surely you can succeed in a better way. The statistics show that 50% of affiliates earning less than $10,000 per year.

How to make a successful Affiliate Marketing program?

Affiliate marketing is also termed as partnership marketing because you are partnering with affiliates to sell the products or services. With the help of affiliate marketing program, the advertiser is accepting to pay the affiliates a commission or referral fee for each sale that is generated. You should make the affiliate marketing program to stand away from the crowds of other ones.

Find a Niche Market

You should not keep the focus on selling every product to everyone. This makes you fail in the success of your business. So, you have to claim the niche market to promote your business and generate sales.

Connect With Niche Market

Once you have selected the niche market you have to do good research and identify the websites that have the viewers who are interested in your niche market. Then you should search the partners who have built traffic already and get benefits from them. The offer that you are providing must be beneficial for both you and your affiliate partners.

Get More Partners

When you have gained best partners you should never slow down your process of affiliate marketing. You can also find new partners by advertising the affiliate program on the website, advertising or by contacting affiliates directly.

Keep Up Your Partners

In order to create a successful affiliate program, you should communicate with partners and invite them to attend your program. You can include the addition of products and changes that are made in the program. It is better to arrange a session for delivering tips and advice on how to achieve in affiliate marketing.

The successful affiliate market research program can benefit you with increased internet sales. This makes it be an essential financial investment in your marketing plan.

Amazon Associates Program

Amazon associates are one of the first affiliate international market programs online that were introduced in the year of 1996. The Affiliate Amazon marketing has created a wonderful record in providing solutions to web developers, web owners, and Amazon sellers to earn money. With this program, the affiliates can advertise millions of new and used products from and its subsidiaries. This is a simple, easy-to-use and free program.

Flipkart Affiliate Program

In Flipkart affiliate program you need to drive traffic from your website or mobile apps to Flipkart. So you can earn a commission for every purchase that is made from your affiliate marketing. Flipkart offers various kinds of tools such as simple banners, widgets for listing the products of Flipkart on your own site.

Benefits of Being An Affiliate Marketer

In affiliate marketing, the affiliate has to simply join hands with other companies and post ads for their brand in affiliate’s website. The affiliates can reap more benefits when they employ the best marketing strategy in their business. Some of the major benefits of being an affiliate are:

Performance-based earning

The main benefit of being an affiliate marketer is that the earning is completely based on the performance. The affiliates can get commission only when they undergo certain activities to promote the product. This motivates them to do more performance in affiliate e-marketing.

Gain More Profit

It is one of the finest ways of making money online. You can gain income by making an ad or link to the merchant’s website. When the targeted customers make a click on the ad or link they are redirected to the seller’s website and purchase the respective product the affiliate can earn money. In simple words, the more referrals there is more profit for you.

Work From Home

Affiliate marketing is a simple business in which the affiliate has to focus only on the target market. There is no need for investment and virtual production cost. The product to be promoted is developed by the seller and you have to post ads to refer the customers. So, the affiliates can work from home as there is no need for any special infrastructure.

Fewer Requirements

Affiliate marketing enables you to start the business at less cost and gives more comfort. In order to become an affiliate marketer, you don’t want to have sales experience, inventory, and other product delivery issues. Some reputed merchants may offer customer service and marketing materials for the affiliates.

Less Risk

The essential benefit of being an affiliate is there are only minimal risks involved in it. Affiliate marketing is not similar to other long-term business. Also, there are no long-term contracts between you and the merchant. So, you can terminate marketing whenever you are not satisfied with the results.

Major Trends in Affiliate Marketing in 2021

Push Traffic in Mobiles

Push traffic is one of the best ways to make use of mobile devices in affiliate marketing. These push traffic is very common in mobile but also in desktops. This push traffic has been in trend from 2018 and it will be continued in the future.

Video content

Video ad formats such as banner, pop, and so on have been in a trend of affiliate marketing. Video content attracts the attention of the viewers and makes them click on it thus increasing the traffic.

AI Tools

Artificial intelligence will be the future of affiliate marketing as numbers of AI tools are emerging. The real-time example is Google Ads which make use of AI tools to make creative ads automatically.

Ad Fraud and Anti-Fraud Tools

Since the innovation of the affiliate marketing process, Ad fraud continues to grow. In order to get rid of these fraud ads, the Anti-fraud tools are employed in affiliate marketing.

Voice Search

Voice search technologies are becoming more advanced with speech recognition and voice assistance on devices. Hence, it will lead to the trends of affiliate marketing in the upcoming days.

Top Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2021

Affiliate marketing comes under a very large organization which becomes a main source of online income for thousands of professional bloggers. In order to carry out the affiliate marketing, you need affiliate marketing platforms. Here are the top affiliate program companies of 2021.

  • Affiliate Window (AWIN)
  • ShareASale Affiliates
  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay Partners
  • ClickBank
  • studioPress Affiliate
  • maxBounty Affiliate Network
  • Google AdSense
  • LeadPage Associates

Scope of Affiliate Marketing in India

Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular in India as same as the other nations. The features and benefits of affiliate marketing never fail to grab the advertisers and affiliates towards it. 

Many technologists report that the demand for affiliate marketing will be increased in the upcoming years. So, you can hope for the big change in the future of affiliate marketing.

Career Growth in Affiliate Marketing

In recent years, a number of affiliate marketing courses and education programs are developed to make graduates with advanced knowledge in affiliate marketing. The increase in demand for affiliate marketing professionals led to the arrival of many training institutes.

If you are interested to become a successful affiliate marketer you can take the required course in the reputed center to get well-versed in it. You will be placed in the middle to top tier management positions in large organizations, Public sector organizations, and e-businesses. The average salary of the fresh affiliate ranges from Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 35,000 per month. The experienced affiliate can earn from Rs. 60,000 approximately.

How much can you gain from affiliate marketing?

The income of the beginner affiliates mainly depends on the following basis

  • The availability and reliability of the affiliate network that you are working with.
  • The conversion rates and the commission level fixed by the advertisers.
  • The amount of effort and commitment that you have put towards affiliate marketing.
  • Strong knowledge and eagerness to learn about the customer to build a relationship with them.

The network connections of the customers, as well as the commissions, vary from one affiliate program to another. The new affiliates could take about one year to make the first sales. When you have the perfect training you could get income from $5 to $100 per sale. The advanced level affiliates will be earning more than $8000 per week approximately.

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing Courses Online?

An individual can learn affiliate marketing online in either free or paid resources. There is tons of information available online about affiliate marketing in the form of blogs, articles, e-books and much more.

You can able to get the information related to affiliate marketing online for free through these resources. Otherwise, you can take the online courses which are available in the structured format. With this course, you can get the support of mentors to complete the entire course. When you complete these courses you will be hired for positions like:

  • Facebook Ads Specialist
  • Amazon Associates Executive
  • Affiliate Marketing Executive
  • Ad Network Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Affiliate Marketing Lead

Affiliate  Courses

The increase in demand for affiliate marketing led to the development of its courses. There are a plethora of courses to groom you and shine in the affiliate marketing business. Some of the common courses that you can learn

  • Affiliate Marketing, SEO and Copywriting
  • Content Marketing Course
  • Affiliate and Email Marketing
  • Amazon Traffic Sales and Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing as a Full-time business

Still, there are a huge number of training courses are available across the World.

Success Stories of Famous Affiliates

Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is one of the well-known affiliate marketers who is the founder of 2013 is the 10th year of Darren to work as an affiliate with Amazon. In fact, he had earned nearly half a million dollars through affiliate marketing.

The amount of effort and time that he spent on affiliate marketing Amazon is the major reason for his success.

Darren Rowse Success Story Graph Affiliate Marketing Amazon - Paathfind

Hieu Nguyen’s Affiliate Sale

Hieu is one among the famous marketers of Vietnam who used to build an affiliate site and sell it for the right profit. The website that is included in the case study has taken nine months to reach the monthly income level of $1,600 which is about 10x that amount. The willingness of building sites and maintaining the improved site made him achieve great success in his career life.

Final Thoughts

Hope that you have understood essential information regarding affiliate marketing. Now, you might have acquired the best ideas to start a successful affiliate marketing business.

This will be a kickstart for your career growth in the digital marketing discipline. Make use of this Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2021 And Start To Earn More Profit Online!

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