Data Structures & Algorithms

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Data Structures & Algorithms

The data structure name specifies to organizing the data in memory. There are numerous ways of establishing the data in the memory as we have already seen one of the data structures, that is, array in C language. Array is a compilation of memory elements in which data is stored consecutively, that is, one after another. In other words, we can say that array stores the elements in a constant manner. This arrangement of data is done with the help of an array of data structures. There are also other ways to establish the data in memory. 

The data structure is not any programming language like C, C++, java. It is a set of set of rules that we can use in any programming language to structure the data in the memory.

Data structures & algorithms  is an assortment of data values, the relationships among them, and the functions or operations that can be applied to the data, that is, it is an algebraic structure about data.

A data structure is a specific format for forming, dispensation, recovering and storing data. There are some basic and advanced types of data structures, all intended to arrange data to suit a detailed purpose. Data structures make it easy for users to access and work with the data they need in proper ways. 

In Conclusion, Data Structures are structures programmed to store ordered data, so that various operations can be performed on it easily. It represents the knowledge of data to be organized in memory. Paathfind  designed course for  implemented in such a way that it reduces the complexity and increases the efficiency.

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Certificate In Data Structures & Algorithms


What Will I Learn?

  • Learn and implement different Data Structures
  • Learn, implement and use different Algorithms
  • More interviews
  • Handle offers and negotiate raises
  • Become a better developer by learning computer science fundamentals

Topics for this course

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Introduction to data structure
Type of data structure
Operations on structures
Application of data structure
Expressing algorithms
Complexity of algorithms
Complexity of algorithms





Dynamic Memory allocation

Linked List

Sparse Matrix







Data Structures & Algorithms


  • Good Working Condition Of Your Computer
  • Good Working Interrnet Connection
  • Knowledge Of C Programming Langauge

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  • Engineer, developer, programmer, who wants to improve their questioning skills
  • Person interested in refining their whiteboard coding skills
  • Person who wants to become a better developer
  • Self-instructed programmer who missed out on a computer science degree
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